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Welcome to my home page. Do like Crayon Shin-Chan 蠟 筆 小 新 ? Although he is a child, he is very famous in Japan and Hong Kong because the animes and TV programme are very popular. Not only children like him, but also adults (includes ladies and gentlemen) love him very much. If you have other information and pictures of Shin-Chan 小 新 , please sign my guest book and or send me email to let me know.

  1. Introduction to Shin Chan & other characters
  2. Shin Chan's Personal Profile
  3. Shin Chan's Image Gallery
Crayon Chin-Chan Character

Shin-Chan 小 新

PaPa 廣 志

MaMa 美 牙

Siu Pak 小 白


Ah Oi 亞 呆

Ching Nam 正 男

Fung Kan 風 間
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Shin Chan's Image Gallery

Picture 1: Shin Chan Eating Snack
Picture 2: Shin Chan & his Pig Classmate
Picture 3: Shin Chan & all his Kindergarten's Classmate
Picture 4: Shin Chan playing hiding game with his Classmate
Picture 5: Shin Chan climbing tree
Picture 5: Shin Chan Kindergarten teachers 吉 永 老 師
Picture 6: Shin Chan's Naughty Classmate
Picture 7: Shin Chan is drinking
Picture 8: Shin Chan's Mother is very angry
Picture 9: Shin Chan's big head picture
Picture 10: Shin Chan Eating Greedy
Picture 11: Two Shin Chans

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