About Myself

I was born in Hong Kong in 1970. Since then, I was brought up and educated here also for the past 28 years. In 1989, I was admitted into the Hong Kong University to read Computer Engineering. Eventually, I graduated in 1992 with a second class upper honour degree in Computer Engineering. After graduation, I immediately joined the then Department of Computer Science (now called Department of Computer Science and Information Systems), also at HKU to pursue a Master of Philosophy degree in Computer Science under the supervision of Prof. Francis Chin. I finished my M.Phil study in 1996 and after that I worked full time till June 1998 as an Assistant Computing Officer for Prof. Chin for his MPEG2 real time encoder research programme.

I had quited my job in HKU in June 1998 and found a new job in Transmeta in California. (I bet you know who is Linus Torvalds, don't you?). I am currently still in Hong Kong and will until I move to California later this year.

Besides doing research at HKU, I do many things. Currently I am learning Taekwondo under a 6th dan Korean grand master. This is a long story. I am also involved in the Internet Access Provider business. I with some of my friends, most of them graduates of the CSIS Department, has established a company called Netfront, which provides net access.

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